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Top 3 Critical Quickbooks Mistakes Users Make in Banking Transactions

I strive to make sure that business owners, students, bookkeepers and others use Quickbooks correctly.  It’s a mission of mine because it really builds the foundation for being able to properly analyze your business.  And when I mean properly analyze y...

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Accounting is Sexy

I know what you’re saying…”accounting…sexy…uh…OK?” It’s the course in college everyone hated. It’s the mundane part of owning a business. It’s the countless hours you spend on evenings and weekends en...

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Should You Use Quickbooks Online or the Quickbooks 2014 Desktop Version?

Quickbooks offers a variety of methods to purchase and use their software.  Most people use the Quickbooks desktop version, but the Quickbooks Online version is becoming more and more popular.  Having used the Quickbooks Online version with clients for a whi...

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Should You Upgrade to Quickbooks 2014?

Quickbooks 2014 arrived on shelves late last year around October/November 2013.  I have some clients who upgrade immediately and get the latest release of Quickbooks right when it comes out, and I have some clients who are still using Quickbooks 2002 and refu...

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