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Profit First – How to Easily Pay Yourself First in Your Business

I bought this book back in mid-2017, and was a bit skeptical at first.  It contained some very basic advice regarding “paying yourself first” in your business, which, as a business owner, we all hear all the time. But, it was so simple, I thought ...

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Is Your Small Business Actually A Bank In Disguise?

You might be asking “What? A bank?  I sell ________!” So, let me explain this common trap many small businesses fall into (without even knowing it!). If you read my last post HERE, you learned about how to increase your cash in your business by us...

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3 Ways To Increase Your Cash Using Quickbooks

Cash is king in small business.  If you run a small, or even medium size business, you know this.  So, how can you increase your cash simply by looking at your Quickbooks reports?  Below are 3 ways to increase cash in your business by looking at your Quickb...

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