Should You Upgrade to Quickbooks 2014?

Quickbooks 2014 arrived on shelves late last year around October/November 2013.  I have some clients who upgrade immediately and get the latest release of Quickbooks right when it comes out, and I have some clients who are still using Quickbooks 2002 and refuse to spend money to upgrade each year!   So should you upgrade to Quickbooks 2014?  Here is my take on it.

In general, when a new release of Quickbooks comes out, I believe you should not immediately upgrade.  Why, you ask?  Because the first release ALWAYS has bugs in it.  These bugs are fixed over time of course, but why be the guinea pig right out of the shoot.  Stick with the version you are using for a few months and then decide if it is worth spending the money to upgrade (and let others test out all the bugs!).

The choice of whether to upgrade to Quickbooks 2014 also depends on what you use Quickbooks for.  If you use it simply to track income and expenses and you do not use some of the more advanced features, like payroll, emailing invoices or other items, then there really is no need to upgrade, unless you want to try out the new bells and whistles in the latest release.  Like I said earlier, I have clients still using Quickbooks 2002, that simply have no need to upgrade to the latest version.

And finally, Quickbooks usually supports versions for about 3 years.  If your version is older than 3 years, then you generally will no longer receive updated tax tables for payroll, questions are no longer answered, etc.  So, if you need these items and your version is older than 3 years old, then you should really consider upgrading.

But here’s the deal – if you still use Quickbooks 2012 or 2013, and you are fine with it, then stick with it.  You really don’t NEED to upgrade, so why spend the money?

Obviously, I like to save money, and I like to save my clients money, and this is simply my take on it, but you can use the above guidelines to determine if you really need to upgrade to Quickbooks 2014 or not.

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