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Quickbooks Online is becoming increasingly popular with business owners and bookkeepers because it is “in the cloud” and allows business owners and freelancers to send invoices, pay bills, and pretty much do anything on the go, from any device….will you be left behind?

After substantial success with our Quickbooks Desktop Video Tutorials, many of the Quickbooks University Members have been begging me for the same kind of training for Quickbooks Online.

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This is a great question…and here’s why:

Quickbooks Online is evolving literally day-to-day.  On a fairly continuous basis, the user interface changes, new features are added, some features are taken away, and new and exciting add-on apps are introduced all the time.

Because there is no “annual version” like Quickbooks Desktop, your one-time membership fee will cover not only access to all of the core Quickbooks online training, but also exclusive weekly update videos covering new aspects of Quickbooks online and how you can use them, new apps that will help streamline your Quickbooks, new ways to integrate other programs to “automate” a lot of your accounting tasks, and so much more!

I purposefully made the one-time membership fee as low as I possibly could so that anyone could afford it.  You have to admit – a one-time $247 fee for continually updated training that will save or make you $1,000’s per year – you can’t beat that!!

You really don’t want to miss this opportunity to get the best Quickbooks Online training, at an absolutely fantastic price.

Remember, for a mere $247 (NOT an annual fee…a ONE-TIME fee) you get all of this:

  • Access to 45, step-by-step, Quickbooks Online Tutorials
  • A clear understanding of not only how to enter things, but also why it is done that way
  • Weekly updates to the videos for changes to Quickbooks Online
  • Weekly updates to tips & tricks in Quickbooks Online that will save you both time and money
  • One-on-One Support via our Forum, email and our Private Facebook Group
  • A 60 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee

So, sign up today…what are you waiting for?

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