Profit First – How to Easily Pay Yourself First in Your Business

I bought this book back in mid-2017, and was a bit skeptical at first.  It contained some very basic advice regarding “paying yourself first” in your business, which, as a business owner, we all hear all the time.

But, it was so simple, I thought I would give it a try.  I set-up my separate accounts, figured out my percentages, and started following the methodology.

I can honestly say that it has transformed the way I operate my business…it’s such a simple, yet extremely powerful, concept.  I still follow it today and I recommend it to every single business owner I come across.  It really is amazing…and simple.  It will allow you to have more cash in your business than you ever imagined.  The book is called Profit First…and if I can give you any advice, buy it now, read it and follow the methodology…you will not be disappointed.


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