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Thanks for your interest in our affiliate program.  To get started, please first sign up for an account at Clickbank.com (this is who we process our sales through and who you will get paid from). In case you don’t have a Clickbank account, you can get one for free at  ClickBank.com  (click the link)

If you already have a Clickbank ID, then you can use the default HopLink below to drive traffic to our sales page, just replace your ID in  red YOURID prior to promoting the Quickbooks University.


Now a few questions you might have if you are new to Affiliate Marketing and/or Clickbank.

Q: How do you pay commissions and how often?

A: Commissions are paid by check directly via Clickbank. Affiliates with a steady commission flow can opt in for direct deposit. How often you get paid is determined by how much commission you generate.

Q: Is there a minimum payout?

A:  The Clickbank threshold is this case is $100, or about 2.3 sales. whichs is higher then usually because our product prices and commissions are higher. That’s why your commissions need to be at least $100 before you will get paid. Any unclaimed commissions are accumulated from one pay period to the next.

Q: Is there a withhold period before my commissions are paid?

A: There is a delay from the day you made your affiliate sale to the day Clckbank pay you. This is made to cover refunds. Please read Clickbank’s TOS for more about this.

Q: Are there any tools to help me promote the Quickbooks University?

A: YES, we made several tools with Personal Private Label rights (only you can use those) for that you can promote the product the best way possible. Please enter your name and email address above for access to our affiliate resources.

Our program is also featured at Affiliate Seeking, and the Twist Directory.


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