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Hi,  welcome to my Advanced Quickbooks  Tutorials. 

You might know me as the owner of “The Quickbooks University”.  

If not, my name is Mat Hultquist and I’d like to invite you to take a look at my main Quickbooks Training course here http://QBUniversity.org where you will get a better idea of who I am, what I do for a living and where you can get a few free Quickbooks videos to check out the overall quality of my tutorials.

OK, let’s get down to business – there is no long winded sales letter because these advanced videos have been made for existing Quickbooks University clients who have already purchased one of my courses, or for someone who knows exactly the problem they are trying to resolve in Quickbooks and is specifically looking for Quickbooks Tutorials like these here.

If you by chance arrived here with no Quickbooks knowledge whatsoever (or very little), and you need a great basic foundation about how to use Quickbooks to it’s fullest potential, then please consider investing in my main course from “The Quickbooks University“.

But if you already have a good working knowledge of Quickbooks and would like to take it to the next level, then please read on because you will get the chance to do exactly that with these advanced tutorials.

These videos were personally created by me, after listening to hundreds of my accounting clients and the Quickbooks University members.

Finally, after several requests, here is The Advanced Quickbooks Video Training!

Let me show you what you get if you invest in this advanced course…



Inside this training you’ll discover and learn how to master 12 very specific issues in Quickbooks which people just like you normally do wrong without any training.

Get instant access to 12 unique and Advanced Quickbooks Videos, explaining in great detail, Quickbooks tricks and tactics to gain the following benefits…



Here is a detailed overview of the content in each video:

Video 1 –Tracking and Recording Petty Cash

  • What is petty cash
  • Setting up a Petty Cash account in Quickbooks
  • How to keep track of petty cash
  • Reconciling your petty cash account

Video 2 – Tips to Help Avoid Employee Theft

  • Introduction
  • Separate duties
  • Same person should not open mail, write checks, make deposit, sign checks and reconcile bank statement

Video 3 – Using Personal Funds to Pay Business Expenses

  • How to record in Quickbooks using an expense report
  • How to record in Quickbooks as equity
  • How to record in Quickbooks as a loan from owner

Video 4 – Using Business Funds to Pay Personal Expenses

  • First of all a warning to this issue
  • How to record in Quickbooks as a draw

Video 5 – Using Class Tracking in Quickbooks

  • Why you would use class tracking
  • How to turn class tracking on in Quickbooks
  • How to record transactions in Quickbooks using class tracking

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Video 6 – Setting Up Your Quickbooks File Corectly When You Have Already Been In Business

  • Determining the start date
  • What is the best start date to use?
  • Recording the year-end balance sheet
  • Recording outstanding checks and deposits

Video 7 –Understanding Cash vs. Accrual Basis Accounting

  • What is the difference
  • How to change your defaults in Quickbooks
  • Which is better to use?

Video 8 – Advanced Understanding of the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and Cash Flow Statement

  • How to look at these financial statements
  • What do they tell you
  • How often should you look at them?

Video 9 – Using financial statements to guide and grow your business and increase cash flow

  • What is ratio analysis?
  • What are some ratios you can use to guide and grow your business?
  • What are some ratios you can use to increase your cash flow?

Video 10 –Doing 1099’s in Quickbooks

  • Who needs to do 1099’s?
  • Setting up your 1099 preferences
  • Preparing 1099’s and due dates

Video 11 – Entering Payroll when a Payroll Company does Payroll

  • Setting up your accounts
  • Entering payroll from the payroll company – 2 different scenarios
  • Double checking to make sure you entered the payroll correctly

Video 12 – How To Budget For Your Business

  • Intro to the budget function and why it’s important
  • Entering your budget information
  • Running reports to track your budget


Put Everything TOGETHER and you get 4 hours of Advanced Quickbooks Training you won’t find anywhere else online.

This is the perfect addition to your existing Quickbooks training, regardless if it’s our course or any other tutorial.

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Then There’s More…

If you already purchased the main Quickbooks University Video Course then some of those bonuses are already in your arsenal. But for those who purchase only the Advanced Quickbooks University Video course  today, I’ll throw in 3 bonuses that complement this Quickbooks Training Course and keep your purchase a valuable investment, for life.

BONUS #1 – LIMITED TIME ONLY – FREE Access to the exclusive Quickbooks Private Member Forum!

Do you wish to get personal support from me? The Quickbooks Private Member Forum gives you exactly that. Inside this exclusive Forum we speak openly about problems you have with Quickbooks so that all Members can benefit

  • Get one-on-one access to me and priority support
  • Ask your specific questions inside the Quickbooks University Forum
  • Access to all posts to learn the most from each case
  • Post any question related to your business and your Quickbooks problem
  • Special PREMIUM member discount price if you join the membership site

BONUS #2 – Unlimited Upgrades For The Advanced Quickbooks Course!

In case the Quickbooks software has some significant changes (mayor updates etc.) or if some accounting rules change – we’ll update the advanced videos to reflect those changes  and you as a Member get the new versions absolutely Free of charge.

  • Your investment is locked into a lifetime user guarantee
  • Your product never expires. If Quickbooks changes, we Change

BONUS #3 – Special Offers!

We have a great product with the Quickbooks University but we won’t stop here.

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Now, “what is the cost of this course with 12 videos with 4 hours of top notch training” you might ask?

Maybe you saw the main course, where we offer 3 price levels based on the users needs.

We’ve decided to charge ONE price for this advanced  course which comes with a  SINGLE USER LICENSE. This means that these videos are for your personal use only as a standalone product.

But in case you already are a Quickbooks University client and have a BUSINESS LICENSE or a COACHING LICENSE, then you will automatically have the same rights to these advanced videos after purchasing them. 

  • HOT TIP: You will get a GREAT DISCOUNT on the Advanced video course here if you are an existing client of the main course.  If you are a new client and need more flexibility with how to use the advanced videos here, then go and purchase the main Quickbooks University course FIRST at our homepage http://QBUniversity.org  – choosing your user  licence. If you need those tutorials for up to 3 users in your company then choose a Business Licence, OR if you like to use our tutorials to teach others about how to master Quickbooks, then go and get a Coaching Licence which includes the ability to download the videos to use them from your own device.

So, let’s talk about the price if you only are interested in these Advanced Videos…

Hiring me for 4 hours of training on these topics would cost you not less then $800 plus expenses. Doing it over a live Webinar could cut the cost down to $500,  conservatively calculated.

But today you won’t pay anywhere near that much…

Lot’s of similar Quickbooks courses you can find out there cost $200 to $400 bucks.

But you won’t pay anywhere near that much…

I’m also not charging $97…the price of the single user licence for the main course.

All I ask for my Advanced Quickbooks course is $77.

That’s correct, for as little as $77 you get to access the 12 best videos about advanced Quickbooks issues .

This price together with the 3 bonuses is a total no-brainer and I’m sure you will recognize the immense value you will get. I actually plan on increasing the price to $97 after a few weeks. Again, similar tutorials can easily cost you $200 – $400 at some other website. But if you purchase today, you only need to come up with a fraction of that amount – which I’m sure you’d agree is a steal.

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“I am getting a great foundation”

Very informative and well done. I knew nothing about QB when I began viewing videos and feel I am getting a great foundation of understanding this valuable tool.

Thanks again.

– Richard Murphy

March 18, 2011 (on file)




PS. Remember, you’re covered by my “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee. All the risk is on me, and all the benefits are on you. If it turns out that you don’t like the Advanced Quickbooks University Video Course, contact me before 60 days after your purchase at quickbooksuniversity[at]gmail.com and I’ll promptly refund you in full.

PPS. Again, that special price of $77 will not last forever and the course can go to $97 at any time.

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