About Us



As a CPA, I have long had daily contact with small business owners who would purchase the Quickbooks software, and then either never use it at all, or use just a fraction of its capability.

I had to something about this.

Over 15 years ago, I started to teach local businesses how to use Quickbooks properly; then I taught Accounting students how to use it.

In 2010 I setup a free website to teach the fundamentals of Quickbooks, but the demand quickly got out of control.  Attending to a flood of visitor requests seeking help every day greatly hindered needed time toward my daily business as a CPA.

That’s when the QUICKBOOKS UNIVERSITY was born!

I’ve decided to put all of my knowledge into a video training course which covers all you need to know about “How To Use Quickbooks.”  Additionally, for people who like to get PERSONAL SUPPORT, we offer the QUICKBOOKS UNIVERSITY FORUM, where members can ask for specific help on any item relating to Quickbooks.  I personally answer these queries myself.

It’s an honor to have you here at my site, and feel free to send me an email at the Quickbooks University  Contact Page in case you have feedback or any suggestions about the content of our site.

Thank you very much