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“Ultimate Collection Of Easy To Understand QuickBooks Tutorial Videos…With Your Questions Answered By a Quickbooks Expert...And It’s Never Been This Easy, Affordable, And Quick To Learn.”

I Guarantee You that You Will Learn Quickbooks Painlessly And Finally Unlock the Potential of Your Business, Manage Your Costs and Earn More Money.

If you use Intuit’s accounting software without effective Quickbooks tutorials and no personal support, there’s a good chance you’re not using it properly and you’re flushing money down the toilet.

 …INSTEAD, you can learn everything there is to know about QuickBooks. (And save time and money, AND skyrocket your profits while doing it!!) Sound Good?  

quickbooks-university-mat-hultquist_215x213From:  Mat Hultquist, 10:17 AM

Dear Friend & Colleague,

Hey there! My name is Mat Hultquist and I’m a practicing CPA in Greenville, South Carolina.  I have been self-employed as a CPA for nearly 20 years, and have worked, and continue to work with, businesses of all sizes each and every day to properly use Quickbooks so they can grow their business.

If you would like to understand and utilize the software to its full capacity, save time and money in the process, and have personal one-one-one support to answer all of your questions, then keep reading.

Listen, Here’s Why: My course The QuickBooks University, a set of Quickbooks tutorial videos, covers everything you need to know about the world’s leading business financial software, including how to unlock the secrets of your business, manage your costs, spend less time working on your books, and earn more money! Sounds great, huh?

Imagine being able to improve your profits by up to 200%. Wouldn’t that be great? Or what if you could use it to automate some functions of your business? How much time could that free up? 10 hours per week? 20 hours per week? Do you think your family might enjoy that extra time with you? How would that feel? Pretty good, right?

Imagine being able to spend less time working “in” your business and more time working “on” your business. Or maybe actually getting face time with customers and clients instead of being locked up in your office! It truly is possible, but you need to know how.

That’s what the QuickBooks tutorial videos from the Quickbooks University can help you do.


“Learning QuickBooks is so much easier when you can watch someone actually perform the steps necessary…”

The Quick books University Training Videos are a great way to get up and running on QuickBooks. Learning QuickBooks is so much easier when you can watch someone actually perform the steps necessary to complete a transaction.

As you watch, the video clearly explains how to perform various functions within the software. Whether your using QuickBooks for the first time, or your an experienced user, you well find these videos to be a great resource.

– Michael L. Haan, CPA (June 2018)


A Little Background about my Quickbooks training…

Like me, you probably were surprised to find that the QuickBooks developer, Intuit, doesn’t offer very effective training tutorials. It seems silly to offer such a powerful tool and not have a great learning system in place, done by a professional who uses the software with REAL business owners like you day in and day out.

An obvious solution would be to simply go with another product that is easy to use and has tutorials. Frankly, there isn’t another program out there that has the depth and scope that QuickBooks offers. It is incredible software and nothing else compares. So, the next step is to find a good tutorial offering out there.

Two problems… The content and quality are just plain boring (who said accountants are exciting!). AND… WOW… most of those tutorials are $400, $600, and some upwards of $1,000! Unbelievable.

When Opportunity Knocks… Well, after years of using the software and lots of trial and error, I personally mastered QuickBooks, and I got pretty darned good at teaching my clients how to be QuickBooks rock stars too. Some of my clients identified huge areas of waste, brought costs under control, and grew their profits as much as 200%.

So I decided to help people like you, the backbone of the economy, the small business owner, and put together all of my knowledge in a powerful, simple, easy video tutorial series.

With QuickBooks University you can learn EVERYTHING there is to know about the software and you can do it quickly. In my research I found out that 92% of users don’t really understand all the ins and outs — the real power — of QuickBooks. They’re using it for the bare minimum, and are practically throwing their money out the window by not using it to its full capacity. Here are some testimonials…

“Amazing product, amazing training tutorials, and amazing staff!”

Dear Mat

These are awesome training tutorials to help people like me understand QuickBooks. Amazing product, amazing training tutorials, and amazing  staff. Thank you.

Rena’ Smith

(May 2018)

“QuickBooks University is the best place to find answers…”

I have been checking in to QuickBooks University ever since 2014 .
Since Quickbooks 2018 came out…I find my self checking more often for the explanations and videos to help me in my Tax preparations, Online bookkeeping and my Quickbooks 18 customers.

Quickbooks University is the best place to find answers to all my bookkeeping needs.  It will always be in my Library of places to find information.
Bernardine Hess, Alaska

– Bernardine Hess
 Alaska (May 2018)

Click “Add to Cart” below to purchase the course and gain the confidence necessary to use QuickBooks in your business! 

Most Business Owners Spend  Too Much Time Working “In” Their Business, And Not “On” Their Business.

Most business owners already clock in 60+ hours per week. Are you one of those guys or gals? It’s really frustrating to see the average small business owner struggling to manage every day expenses, manage payroll, manage inventory, what’s coming in, what’s going out, when QuickBooks can make all these tasks a breeze. IF ONLY THEY KNEW HOW TO USE IT RIGHT!

If You Want to Learn Quickbooks Painlessly, Quickly And Easily then the Quickbooks University is Your Answer..!

But don’t take my word for it. Check out my Free Quickbooks Tutorial Videos!

Let me prove the quality of my course and signup for my 3 FREE videos, identical to the videos you get in the full course. The 3 training videos cover some key issues about Quickbooks that 85% of all users do incorrectly.

You’ll discover in these videos 3 crucial tricks you MUST know if you use Quickbooks. We will send to you important news and more lessons and free videos if you sign up now so don’t miss out on this opportunity. Click one of the video images for your version and sign up to get access to all our free content. 

Understanding Quickbooks will increase your profits and free up your valuable time. Wouldn’t you like to get more face time with clients and customers? Wouldn’t you like to spend more time with your family? Without having to worry about the minutia of day to day business operations?

No CPA Required…

Anyone can do this. You don’t have to be a CPA or MBA to master this software. (Heck, you don’t even have to be good at math.) You just need the right tools. And QuickBooks University has all the tools you need.


I make the system easy – easy to learn, easy to use, and all you have to do is walk through the door and take action… that’s it. Everything is provided to you step-by-step and point-by-point.

I’ve proven that ANYONE can learn QuickBooks. I’ve proven it time and time again for over 15 years. With the right instruction, you can learn it too.

I’ve Helped My Clients Increase Profits As Much As 200%, And Save Tons Of Time In The Process… If They Can Do It, So Can You! 

Look, can you follow instructions and take some action?  If so, then take the first step and buy The QuickBooks University right now. You can start learning right now. And I make it sooooo incredibly easy for anyone to learn. You don’t have to be a CPA or professional bookkeeper to learn and fully utilize QuickBooks.

Get instant access to 45 awesome QuickBooks training videos (+ 12 additional Advanced videos for buying the Full Business License) explaining in great detail WHAT you have to do to manage your accounts using QuickBooks. You will finally learn HOW to use the software to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fully automate your accounting tasks
  • Higher margins, more ROI and more profits for your business
  • Free up your time for more important things
  • Improve your cash flow management
  • Work on your business and not in your business
  • Make better business decisions based on more transparency

Simply, every element of The QuickBooks University is there because it is rock solid, tried and true. I’ve been a CPA for years — I’ve mastered everything about QuickBooks. My friends and clients call me the “QuickBooks Professor.” (trademark pending, LOL!) Look, I’ve put tons of effort into making these video tutorials into manageable chunks of information. I’m really good at breaking things down to the fundamentals and building up from there. I make it easy for you to become a “QuickBooks Pro” too. I got close to charging $299 per month for access to these tutorials. Believe me, they’re worth it. But I want as many people as possible to be able to take advantage of this opportunity, so I’m only charging $347 Limited Special Offer $247 for the Multi User Business License, and for the  Basic License $247 Limited Special Offer $187 , that’s ONE TIME and not a subscription with monthly payment.

Look, I’ve put together volumes of knowledge in an easy to learn, easy to digest, and easy to apply manner. The knowledge is there waiting for you — now YOU can reap the rewards of my efforts!  Sound good?

“Here’s A Glimpse At What You’ll Learn With  the QuickBooks University!”


  • Step by step instructions, clearly spelled out.
  • No room for misinterpretation! All in plain English.
  • Stop paying a bookkeeper! Do it yourself and do it better!
  • 24/7 access from wherever you are
  • Unlimited lifetime access to all Quickbooks training videos for a one-time fee
  • Q & A Forum and Private Facebook Group for Online & Desktop Business License
  • Eliminate the mystery and take hold of the mastery of QuickBooks!
  • Increase profits by as much as 200%

…And that’s just a fraction of what you’ll find out with “QuickBooks University.” That’s why you should get these videos, Right Now! (in fact, you can get started in just a few short minutes!). Here’s another testimonial from Loretta.

The QuickBooks University was an answer to a prayer…

“You guys are great!

I found QuickBooks University when trying to find somewhere to learn QuickBooks at home on my own. I was transitioning between jobs and wanted to learn QuickBooks to better my possibilities for a career in what I really wanted. And The QB University was an answer to prayer! It not only helped me learn more about QB in a quick and efficient manner, but I could even log in after I got my new job for help on what I was doing that day!

My sister who lives in another state was looking to get a promotion at her place of employment and wanted my recommendation on how to learn QB and I of course told her about QB University and she also joined the group! You can’t go wrong no matter what type of business you work in with the QB University!

Loretta Wilkins  (May 2018)


Spending Hours On End Trying To Figure Out How To Fit All Of It In… Payroll, Expenses, Inventory, Operations Management… You’re Driving Yourself Nuts.

You Can Automate So Much Of This Stuff!

Look, most business owners just use QuickBooks for writing checks, paying some bills, and processing some transactions. But it has so much more potential that you’re not using! You can do tons more with it and spend less time using it.

Don’t be “most” business owners. Most business owners don’t realize they’ve got a goldmine of potential in their hands. It’s like they’re leaving money out on the street, waiting for other people to scoop it up.  Use QuickBooks the right way and you can scoop up that money!

This is your opportunity to learn QuickBooks easily and learn it fast. Most people spend years trying to figure it out. Or worse, they mess with it for a bit and quickly give up, or they pay someone more knowledgeable to do it. Throwing away more hard earned money. QuickBooks University is your answer. Your FOOT IN THE DOOR. … Do you get it now?

What Will You Actually Learn? (Choose your version for a video overview of all the videos included) 

 Are You Serious About Growing Your Profits?

Are You Really?

What If You Could Spend Less Time Stuck Behind A Desk? More Time With Customers, Family, and Friends? I bet you would feel tremendous!  I bet you’d be ecstatic!  I bet everything would be 10 times better and your outlook on the business world would change, wouldn’t it? Well that’s why I’m providing this tremendous, comprehensive course for you right here and right now… to help you like I’m helping so many others! …Isn’t it time you start working smarter instead of working harder?  …Aren’t you sick and tired of being sick and tired of staring at your computer screen all day?  …No more paying a bookkeeper to do work that you can AUTOMATE using QuickBooks!  … No more spending hours double checking your numbers, being worried about your inventory, your payroll, your everyday bills. You can eliminate all of these worries by having mastery of QuickBooks. You can be a QuickBooks Pro, just like me.

Most People Are Content With The Status Quo Because They Never Truly Commit To Conquering Their Problem.

Isn’t it Time You Commit To Yourself, Your Family, and Your Business? 

Let’s Get Serious Here! 

Instant Access – Even at 2 AM
“Sales tax may apply depending on your location. Payments can be made using Paypal, Visa, Mastercard or American Express”

Let us prove to you the quality of our course and signup for our 3 FREE videos. These 3 videos cover crucial aspects of how to use Quickbooks properly that 85% of ALL users get wrong!

You’ll discover in those videos 3 crucial tricks you MUST know if you use the software. We will send to you important news and more lessons and free videos if you are one of our subscribers so don’t miss out on that opportunity. Click on one of the videos above and sign up to get access to all our free content. 

If you are finally ready… finally serious… finally ready to take massive action, then I can help you and I’m here to do just that!  Let’s get you on the right track immediately and let’s conquer this once and for all! You owe it to yourself, your loved ones, your business, your employees, your customers, your bank account… (Shall I go on?) to get this done. I’ve prepared hard to give you the answers and I’ve set the table for you. You just have to take a seat and feast. Figuring Out QuickBooks On My Own Wasn’t Easy. Heck No. But I’ve Made It Super Easy For You. You get to take advantage of my trials and errors, my mistakes, my learned lessons, my successes, all that hard work!  It’s all yours right here and right now!  How incredible is that? If You Are Ready To Learn How To FINALLY Take Control Of Your Business, Then QuickBooks UniversityIs The Best You Are Going To Find Anywhere Guaranteed!!  Get These Tutorials Right Now: To have someone reveal the steps like I do and the techniques like I do is priceless!  Every question you could imagine – I have thought of it and answered it for you.  And if you think of something that I didn’t cover, ask me and I will get an answer for you! (But I know that I’ve covered it all!)

How much is that worth to you?

… To easily learn something that you thought would be difficult? How much is it worth to you to see an increase in profits? To free up hours of your valuable business and personal time? To significantly reduce your stress level?

Here’s Why This Is A Smart Investment For You:

I have countless customers, like Richard here, who started from scratch. I know that building a solid foundation is critical to teaching something as complex as QuickBooks. Yet I’ve made it so easy for you to quickly learn an apply.

“I am getting a great foundation” Very informative and well done. I knew nothing about QB when I began viewing videos and feel I am getting a great foundation of understanding this valuable tool. Thanks again. – Richard Murphy. March 18, 2011 (on file)

Here’s The Reason Why I’m Providing All Of This For You For Such A Tremendous Deal:

I’m frustrated with seeing so many business owners throwing away their money. They’re either not using QuickBooks right, or they’re throwing away thousands of dollars on classes that are put together poorly and with not enough information. It is seriously hard to watch. What you’ll learn in this course works for my clients and I know it will work for you. You just have to take the next step and purchase the course. Buy now by clicking the buy now button… Right now! So Let’s Go!  Let’s Get Started!

Look, you can sit there and hope you magically learn QuickBooks by osmosis. It could happen. OR, you could take real action and learn it yourself. You can learn it so quickly and easily and use what you’ve learned to improve your business, save huge amounts of money, increase your profits, and lower your stress levels.


And we take ALL THE RISK on us. You will get an Iron Clad 100% satisfaction guarantee with your purchase.


Okay? So You Really Can’t Lose! That’s About As Fair As It Gets, Don’t You Agree?

If you purchase the Quickbooks University Video Course today, I’ll throw in a few bonuses that complement the Video Course and keep your purchase a valuable investment, for life. Here are the Bonuses.

Advanced Quickbooks Videos Bonus #1 – (Business & Professional License Only) 12 Additional Advanced Quickbooks University Videos!

Learn a few special tricks in Quickbooks like how to handle Petty Cash, avoiding Employee Theft, doing 1099′s in Quickbooks and much more….

  • Get 12 additional HD videos if you buy the Multi User Business License
  • Learn a few special tricks in Quickbooks like to handle Petty Cash, avoiding Employee Threft, doing 1099″s in Quickbooks and much more….(sold for $77 as a stand alone product before)
  • All videos are downloadable, store them where ever you like

membershipcardBonus #2 – (Business & Online License Only) Free 1-on-1 Support over the Quickbooks University Private Forum & Private Facebook Group!

Want to get personal support from me for all your Quickbooks troubles? The Quickbooks University Private Member Forum gives you exactly that. Inside this exclusive Forum we speak openly about problems you have with Quickbooks so that all members can benefit

  • Get ONE-on-ONE access to me and Priority Support (a $99/mth real world value)
  • Ask your specific questions inside the Quickbooks University Forum or on Facebook
  • Access to all posts to learn the most from each case
  • Post any question related to your business and your Quickbooks problem

report-bundleBonus #3 – ALL CLIENTS get 4 free Guides and Checklists for Financial Planning!

We like to help you with your financial planning so we included for ALL clients 4 short guides about planning your financials and some checklists.

  • Special Guide “How to Plan My Monthly Income”
  • Guide “How to Plan My Monthly Budget”
  • Special Guide “How to Plan My Quarterly Tax”
  • Special Guide “How to Plan My Emergency Funds”
  • Contractor Information Form, Expense Checklist and Travel expense Control Sheet

BONUS #4 –   All Clients Get Unlimited Updates For The Quickbooks University Video Tutorials!

If something changes with respect to the use of the Quickbooks software (bug free updates etc.) or if some accounting rules change – we’ll update the videos and you get the new version for Free.

  • Your investment is locked into a lifetime user guarantee
  • Your product never expires. Quickbooks changes for good, we change
  • Get UNLIMITED Access to your tutorials, for LIFE

BONUS #5 – Special Discount Offers!

We have a great product with the Quickbooks University – Once purchased you will agree.

  • All Quickbooks University Clients Get Special “Clients Only” discount offers for the Forum and and new product launches. We also run some specials throughout the year,stay tuned.
  • Receive from time to time special free goodies only our members and clients are getting

But there is still an important question to answer.

What does the Multi User License cost?

Let’s just recap what you will get with your investment if you purchase today

  • 47 Desktop Quickbooks training videos using the 2018 Quickbooks Premier software (Prior Versions Recorded in QuickBooks 2012 & 2014 also Included), OR
  • 46 QuickBooks Online training videos
  • Over 6 hours of top notch Quickbooks Training
  • 12 Additional Advanced Video Tutorials (Desktop Only)
  • Unlimited Access to the Videos, FOR LIFE
  • Lifetime Upgrades, Your Investment NEVER Expires
  • Free Financial Planning Guides and Checklists
  • Forum Access and email for Free One-on-One Support (Multi User Desktop and QuickBooks Online Only)
  • Access to our Members Only Facebook Group for Support
  •  Special Offers and Members Only Discounts for New Products
  • Choose between Individual User and Multi User License for Desktop Versions

45 Awesome Videos and access to me in the Members Forum Are waiting just for you…

Finally, lets talk now about the “how much”. You maybe know that in the US, a good CPA charges a fee of around $185/hour for personal support. Guess that rates are similar in other places around the world. Creating 47 videos with over 6 hours of video training to teach you to get the job done with Quickbooks has a real time value of +$900 Dollars. And that’s without writing the storyboard, preparing and editing the videos etc. and without the One-on-One Coaching in the User Forum.

You’re looking at a real time value of way over $1,000 here…

But you won’t pay anywhere near that much… You maybe already researched some Quickbooks courses online, and could see some courses offered anywhere from $400, $500 and up to $1000 bucks. But again, you won’t pay anywhere near that much… I’m also not charging $600… Or $400All I ask for my course is $247 for the Multi User Business License if several users need to access the videos or you like to download the whole course. For individuals there is the $187 Basic License available, although you get less videos and no access to the Forum with the 1-On-1 Support. That’s correct, right now the Multi User License is only $247 to access the entire Quickbooks Univeristy Video Course plus the Advanced Video course and other special bonuses. If you improve your profit only a tiny bit you will make this investment back in no time. The value I’m offering you today for the Quickbooks University Video Training along with all the bonuses is really a no-brainer. I actually charge $347 for the Multi User License because any other course on that level can easily cost you $500. But if you purchase today, you will get it with a discount of $100 less – which I’m sure you’d agree is a steal. So go ahead, Choose Your License And Click The ADD TO CART button below and start learning how to use the Quickbooks software correctly to increase your profits as soon as possible:

Choose Your License Below!

One Time Payment – Instant Access to the videos!

Instant Access – Even at 2 am

“Sales tax may apply depending on your location. Payments can be made using Paypal, Visa, Mastercard or American Express”

“He teaches in a way that is enjoyable…”

Mat Hultquist is one of those rare professionals who loves what he does. He understands business accounting thoroughly. He teaches in a way that is enjoyable to all who hear him explain and demonstrate the QuickBooks system. He inspires me. I really like what he has to offer.

Wynn Cooper
Walt’s Body Shop LLC
Columbiana, OH (May 2018)


PS. Remember, you’re covered by my “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee. All the risk is on me, and all the benefits are on you. If it turns out that you don’t like the Quickbooks University Video Course, simply contact me before 60 days after your purchase at quickbooksuniversity[at] and I’ll promptly refund you in full. PPS. Again, those prices will not last forever and the course can go up at any time.  So, act fast to lock in your savings now. PPPS. Which one is more valuable to you? My course for $97 (single licence) or getting up to 200% more profits in just weeks? I’m sure the answer is the latter… Make more profit by Clicking the ADD TO CART button below to get started immediately:

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